Saturday, October 25, 2014

232A (2006 - Cracroft Point)

(photo - G17 and A36 matrilines, 2004)

The Orcalab recording 232A from August 13, 2006, starts at 19:27 and ends at 20:12.  There was lots of boat noise at the beginning then faint calls were heard near Cracroft Point (CP), Cracroft Island BC, at 19:33 becoming louder and more frequent throughout the tape. Northern resident killer whale call types identified included N2 (2%), N4 (85%), N5 (6%), N10 (2%), and N16 (5%).  This is consistent with the 2004 analysis were the northern residents used the N4 call more at CP while foraging.  The A5s could be identified by their N4 call.

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