Sunday, May 26, 2013

233B (2004) - CP Calls

The Orcalab recording from 2004 starts at 17:31 with loud boat noise and the A36 matriline calling and echolocating  at Cracroft Point, British Columbia. A total of ten calls were identified N4 (40%), N5 (40%), and N9 (20%).

233B -

Friday, May 3, 2013

Bere Point Recordings

The first recording, of the northern resident killer whale A12 matriline beach rubbing at Bere Point (by Troy Bright), had lots of rubbing with few N12 calls (n = 3, 3:38 min). The second, of the B7 matriline had a total for 44 discrete calls; N1 (47%), N7 (10%), N8 (7%), N16 (18%), and N18 (18%) (5:22 min).
The third tape, of the A11s, I11s, G3s and other northern residents had a total of 34 identified calls; N1 (23%), N4 (13%), N23 (42%), and several pings (22%).  The H6 matriline was identified with N1iv calls and the A11s with N4 calls (3:51 min).  The fourth recording, of the A36s, A30s, G17s had five N23 calls (100%), these were more like N23ii by the G17 matriline (1:58 min).