Thursday, November 22, 2012

239A (2004) - Rubbing Beach

Recording 239A (2004)Northern Resident killer whales rubbing at the Main Beach in Robson Bight / Micheal Bigg Ecological Reserve was analyzed ( whale identification and recording by Orcalab: A30,A12,A36,A11,A35,A73,A24,A4 2,A43,A25,I15). There was lots of rubbing activity heard but no discrete calls. Orchive - 239A

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

239B (2004) - Rubbing Beach

Calls were at the rubbing beach (Voice Note by Robyn, identified the I15s). The N23 call could have been the A12s imitating this I15 call (N23), check notes for whales identified that day. There were a total of 10 calls identified; N4 (30%) and N23 (70%). Lots of rubbing behaviour heard throughout the recording.

240A (2004) - Cracroft Point

There was one discrete call emitted by the northern residents while beach rubbing at 16:29 (N8), the rest were at Cracroft Point. Majority of calls were N4 (25%), N1 (23%), N2 (23%), N16 (15%), N10 (8%), and N9 (6%) with a total of 48 calls.
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Monday, November 19, 2012

241B (2004) - Rubbing Beach

There were a total of 11 discrete northern resident killer whale calls identified. Whales were heard rubbing with calls at 19:20; N1  64% (n=7),  N5 18% (n=2), and N9 18% (n=2) call types were identified.